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MUTOR: Artificial Intelligence for Music and Multimedia

  The Music Technology Online Repository (MUTOR) offers OERs for distant and blended learning in music technology and multimedia. MUTOR-Artificial Intelligence for Music and Multimedia is the third course on the MUTOR platform.  

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MUTOR offers open courses and teaching materials for distant and blended learning in music technology. The repository was designed to answer to the needs of bachelor and master students as well as the general public .

In this course, we were able to solicit contributions by leading figures in the field of AI in music and sound as well as teachers and doctoral students at the HfMT. Contributors include: Rebecca Fiebrink from University of the Arts London, Kıvanç Tatar from Chalmers University of Technology, Prateek Verman from Stanford University, Simon Link from Uni Hamburg, Alessandro Anatrini, Greg Beller, Guilherme Coelho, and Genoël von Lilienstern from HfMt Hamburg. The authors cover various topics including Interactive Machine Learning for Music, Generative AI and Music Generation, Organized Sound Spaces with Machine Learning, Sound Gesture Intelligence, Self-Organizing Maps, and New Artistic Workflows in Dealing with Generative Audio Tools, History of AI and Contemporary AI Musical Instruments.