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Improvisation - an introduction to its theory and practice

This multi-part course is about Improvisation - a phenomenon that has many facets in both its practical applications and its theoretical conceptions.In this course we will be looking at Improvisation mostly through Improvisational practices related to music. But as we will try to understand the creative process of Improvisation in a general sense, our discussion will also have relevance to Improvisation in other artistic fields and contexts.We will start by looking at the most common fields of Improvisation practices and continue by introducing theoretical conceptions and practical exercises as we progress with our investigation and discussion. We will relate to a multi-disciplinary approach that has been established in academia as critical improvisation studies.

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PART I - IMPROVISATION - COMMON PRACTICES AND TRADITIONS In this first part of the course we will try to get an idea what Improvisation is by looking at some of the most common improvisational practices, contexts and traditions.

PART II - EXPLORING IMPROVISATION - THE THEORY Here we will discuss theoretical models and conceptions of Improvisation. (coming soon...)

PART III - EXPLORING IMPROVISATION - THE PRACTICE Here we will explore some practical examples and exercises that will put the theoretical reflections of Part III into action. (coming soon...)

PART IV - JAZZ IMPROVISATION Is an introduction to Improvisation in Jazz music discussing its specific idiomatic aspects. (coming soon...)