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LEADR - Leadership with Reflection (English Version)

Develop your leadership skills for lively work with groups through guided reflection and preparation.

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How come my event did or did not go well? Develop your leadership skills for working with groups in a lively way through reflection.

A group can develop synergistic collaboration or remain stuck in passivity. There are many shades in between. The type of leadership plays a major role in the success of a group situation or the group dynamics. The concept of “Theme-Centred Interaction” (TCI) provides answers to the question of how to make lively and participant-oriented teaching, learning, working, and leading successful in different kinds of groups. TCI offers criteria by which various types of teaching events and group sessions can be analyzed and developed. In the LEADR (Leadership with Reflection) project – sponsored by HOOU@HAW – we have developed two TCI-based online guides which enable you to systematically reflect on your leadership actions retrospectively or prepare in advance. After all, we often still mull things over after an event and/or the next one is already in the wings. Therefore it is a good idea to pause and consciously reflect on the past or the upcoming situation. 

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