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Material Networks

This OER provides teachers with the teaching concept and accompanying material for the course Material Stories. The course is offered at HafenCity University Hamburg as part of the "Architecture, Space and Society" department for architecture students. Further information and examples can be found on the Material Network project website. 

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This unit aims to support instructors of architecture and related disciplines by enabling them to develop courses on the role of spatial planning disciplines in times of climate emergency. The aim of the Material Stories course is to explore and illuminate the often invisible and unconscious socio-ecological connections of building materials. As part of the course, students will create scientifically grounded narratives that illuminate a particular dimension in the "life course" of a building material. Selected student work will be published on the Material Networks project website (https://blogs.hoou.de/materialnetworks/). In addition, a glossary provides explanations of key concepts such as the Anthropocene, resilience and social sustainability.