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Soil provides 99% of the food we humans eat, yet we treat it like dirt. Do you want to know how you can change that? You are at home here!

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The SOILutions project aims at making soil health education accessible to a wider audience, in addition to students and researchers of soil and environmental sciences. In this project, experiments on various soil related challenges and solutions will be conducted. These include soil salinity, microplastics pollution and other soil health improvement strategies. The experiments are accessible in open domain through the HOOU platform in the form of text and video content. The insights gained in this project can form the basis for research projects for researchers and project work and theses for students. The documentation from the project can also serve as a laboratory guideline for laboratory-based modules. This project and its output will be integrated into the modules ‘Water and Environment: Theory and Application’ and ‘Emerging Trends in Environmental Engineering’ offered by the Institute of Geo-Hydroinformatics at the Hamburg University of Technology TUHH.

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