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EDDi - Epidemic Disease Detective Hamburg Paper Manual

Completion requirements

The EDDi Paper Manual was created to facilitate the implementation of an interactive Tabletop exerciseTabletop exercises are discussion-based sessions where team members meet in an informal, classroom setting to discuss their roles during an emergency and their responses to a particular emergency situation (infectious disease outbreak) along a simulation scenario. A facilitator guides the participants through the simulation exercise.

Building on a problem-based group-study approach, EDDi participants will be introduced to the principles and practices of infectious disease epidemiology as well as concepts related to the investigation of disease outbreaks, with particular focus on:

  1. Describing infectious disease events and evaluating local outbreak scenarios
  2. Learning about basic methods of epidemiological outbreak investigation, study designs, and tools of epidemiology (e.g., epidemiological curves, outbreak maps, technical terms)
  3. Interpreting and recognizing associations between outbreak events and relevant influencing factors by applying basic techniques of infectious disease epidemiology (especially descriptive methods)
  4. Making informed decisions in outbreak investigation based on epidemiological evidence
  5. Extra: Getting to know the structure of the German disease surveillance and reporting system as well as background information on the Hanseatic city of Hamburg

Concept and Materials

All materials used for the Tabletop Exercise can be downloaded free of charge and under an open licence (also for commercial use) from the multi-disciplinary open repository ZENODO:

edu sharing object

Preparation: Welcome Tutorial and Epidemiological Cheat Sheet ↗

Preparation: Resources for Teaching and Capacity Strengthening ↗

Preparation: Teaching Facilitator ↗

Workflow ↗

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