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  • Introduction

    In this section, you will learn that a basic understanding of data science is important to comprehend decision-making processes. An accessible online course on machine learning is designed for different difficulty levels. You will learn how to detect and fix errors in data, with a focus on numerical, image, and text data. The course utilizes Jupyter Book as an interactive platform and does not require programming knowledge for beginners. However, advanced learners can experiment with coding. The course is developed by the Institute for Software Systems (STS) at TUHH.

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  • How to use and access the book?

    In this section, you will learn about the structure and usage of the QuaXP - Data Quality Explored project. The section consists of a tutorial that provides information on the course and how to navigate the book. The book is divided into different parts, including an introduction, chapters on numerical, image, and text data, as well as sections on Python tutorials and additional content. The course offers both beginner and advanced levels, with the advanced level including code cells for running and modifying code. Quizzes and practical tasks are also included throughout the course.

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